We're helping you differentiate yourself
from the competition by making better design choices for you.

W e understand that design and innovation is the key to your projects success. We've perfected a method that has been proven to be successful for Developers, Contractors, Architects and Designers. By being provided with line work or even sketches we are able to design and engineer solutions that are unique to your projects. Taking into consideration all the expectations of high-end design, we value engineer specific to your needs and take care to source sustainably.

Leveraging our 15 years’ engineering experience to your advantage, Lotus Fixture will take your idea and make it reality. Lotus Fixture takes a wholistic approach to analyzing your sketch and finding the right materials for the product. Once the review process has been completed, an engineer will draft the design up and it will go thru a series of testing to make sure that your product meets safety and quality standards. With a team of designers, engineers and manufacturers at your ready: Anything is possible.

Taking your simple napkin sketch to fully realized real world product.

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