When you're searching for the perfect solution, we're here to guide you to the source.

Lotus Fixture has spent the last 13 years sourcing products regionally, nationally, and internationally. Lotus Fixture operates with a staff of over 50 employees across Asia. For the past ten years Lotus has specialized in sourcing product for retail and multifamily housing.

If you are a designer, architect or even general contractor looking to find the perfect accents to your projects, Lotus Fixture can do this for you. From custom kitchen faucets to murphy beds, Lotus has you covered.

Lotus Fixture maintains the highest level of quality, working to find you the best products for your needs. We only source from a select group of factories that have met our high standards, insuring the quality and expectations of your product.

Lotus Fixture stays ahead of design trends and capabilities, by consulting our design staff and factories overseas. We continually search for the most up to date technology and processes to keep our product ahead of the curve and exceeding your expectations.

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